Getting PPE-EEEST-OFF and going off-piste for man kind

An open letter from our MD David Russell

Dear Friends, 

Like you, I'm not awfully fond of this Covid-19 virus. A couple of months ago I decided Anabytics would fight the virus in any way legally possible. It just so happened that a Scottish friend, a Medical Services Professional in Philadelphia USA was also rather displeased with events and was readying for battle. 

What we saw and feared..

Early in the Covid-19 crisis Anabytics Ltd and Orchestrall Inc identified various buyer-side PPE challenges that have now become front-page news. The issues are representative of a 'never before' event and can be summarised as: 

  • a lack of available PPE, 
  • a lack of EU/FDA/ATSM Standards knowledge,
  • an inflexible approach to the entire crisis-management programme, 
  • a lack of manufacturer and product validation,
  • a lack of bandwidth to understand an evolving global logistics challenge, and,
  • a gulf in the commercial acumen needed to agree binding contracts across borders and at a 'best market price'.

With their deep Chinese Medical Product Market knowledge, Dr Ian Hau (President, Orchestrall) and Jamie Macaulay (VP, Orchestrall) had set about mobilising the Smart Healthy City Alliance (SHCA) as a PPE facilitator. This mission was initially designed to help supply America's front-line medical services workers. That mission continues today and with Anabytics' help Orchestrall is also now offering their expertise to the World.  

Why the Smart Healthy City Alliance is able to help where others can't..

Unique China market access. China has huge medical manufacturing facilities. Orchestrall's day-to-day business works with and in this market. Orchestrall have specialist resources on the ground in various Chinese cities validating:

  • vendor and manufacturer processes,
  • product quality, 
  • product and manufacturer certifications, 
  • product test reports,
  • export paperwork, and 
  • internal and export logistics. 

This global supply game isn't easy. Existing infrastructure and organisation is required to take on the PPE supply challenge and succeed. Orchestrall and the SHCA have the correct capabilities already in place.

Being honest about the challenge others are facing..

Orchestrall and Anabytics find this journey very challenging too. As a group of professionals we've been working 16-hour days, 7 days a week for over a month now. The important thing is that the SHCA and Anabytics have kept focused on the mission and have remained professional at all times, learning and adapting as the days roll on. SHCA solutions and product offerings get better each day. I'm 100% confident that these efforts will have a positive impact on crisis resolution.

Simple pledges that make all the difference..


  • Provide specialist industry and product knowledge; they validate the vendor product offering is CE.FDA spec'd.
  • Ensure associated documentation is at all times present and maintained.
  • Know that any and all purchases made represent market rates.
  • Validate that vendors can actually deliver what they promise.*
  • Select vendors for specific orders based on the Buyer needs. Buyer and seller then contract directly. 
  • Organise distribution of PPE from Suppliers in accordance with contracts and viable selected freight options.
  • Monitors all aspects of the contract until the end-to-end process is complete.

Still facing PPE shortages and supply problems? Do not wait, contact Anabytics now..

Sticking with existing suppliers that have failed to supply or cannot get the right validated supply isn't going to protect you, your staff or your customers. If your procurement needs are in line with the product offerings on this page please contact us and get on-boarded to the SHCA asap.

Please stay safe and please be cautious about this 're-opening' phase.

David W.M. Russell

Offering CE, EC, FDA and ATSM Certificated PPE Products

The Smart Healthy City Alliance suppliers have inventory and production capacity for 10s of millions of product pieces per week. These specific products can be sourced:  

  • FFP3 Respirator Masks
  • FFP2 Respirator Masks
  • Type IIR Surgical Masks - ATSM Level 2
  • Type II Surgical Masks - ATSM Level 1
  • Face Shields (non fog)
  • Surgical Gowns
  • Isolation Gowns
  • Coveralls - Taped
  • Coveralls - Non-taped
  • Nitrile Gloves 
  • Medical Swabs
  • Thermometers (disposable)

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