Let's make it happen

Tendering - please please tell us!

We love to bid for any and all related work. Please ask to.

Commercial tenders: please provide us with the opportunity to engage with you by first emailing us and telling us about your remit and scope. We will then seek to meet you to clarify details / requirements and to formalise the engagement process.

Public tenders: please provide us with the documentation or online link required to submit. Any additional information is always greatly received.

Tasking - we are here to help.

We are regularly tasked to lead, advise, manage, search, drive, recover and deliver. We are happy to do all of these things. Tell us what your mission is and what you feel you're missing and we'll listen with eager ears and respond with more rigor than anyone else in the market.

Capable and dynamic. A partner to fit.

We are 100pc independent and we don't carry dead weight. Our boutique consultancy status affords you absolute creativitiy and flexibility over and above your average big ten consultancy engagement and technology decision path. We do not believe the Vendor Business Partner model offers the best solutions for our customers, so we remain impartial.

Pricing and T&Cs

We're affordable and fair and always on your side. Above all we believe in delivering scope. We offer three types of pricing engagment: (1) Time & Materials (2) Fixed Price, or (3) Bulk Day Purchases. All pricing engagements are bound by our standard T&Cs although we are flexible for those with any concerns. We can adjust to all kinds of budgets and will work with you to design a tailored achievable scope.