Achieving your ambition.

A little about us.

Our History

From birth we've focused on the deep analysis of data bytes. In 2011 Anabytics set out with a desire to connect the business world with their data. Since then we've helped some of the World's largest organisations get closer to the realities of the world, their clients, their business model and practices. In 2015 we find ourselves surrounded by interest in Data Analytics and in particular Big Data. It's a very exciting time in this area and one where we think we can have a signifcant influence.

Our Managing Director
David W.M. Russell (BA Hons PGD PGC)

David drives all aspects of the business. If you choose to contact us you will most likely come in to contact with David at some point in the engagement process. He acts as a pre and post bid lead on all contracts. David has over ten years of corporate consultancy experience across numerous sectors and business functions. He has several large scale full programme lifecycle implementations to his name and has sat on both sides of the vendor fence. David is well known in the Scottish business community and has built a reputation for being a pragmatic problem solver on critical transformation projects both strategic and tactical. His ability to be 'hands on or off' gives him an edge over general consultants and career programme managers.

If you are keen to know more about David's history and experience please feel free to ask for a copy of his CV. You can contact David directly at or alternatively please fill in the general enquiry form by clicking on our 'Engage us' page.

Our Operating Locations

Anabytics consult all over the Globe with out boundaries. We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland and have a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our views on risk

We will go the extra mile to minimise risk to your business. Whether that be the cosmetic risk of engaging with an external partner or the many risks of delivering a particular programme we will adjust to your needs. If a particular accreditation or certification is required we will distribute appropriate resource to your programme and when we do not have that asset available we will hire for that requirement.

Conscientious and assured qualities are a must for all our consultants. We believe in planning for success and achieving it. In the very small chance something goes wrong we are fully insured and can handle programmes and projects with a capital risk of up to £100m. We are yet to use that insurance which is excellent evidence of our delivery record.